Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon

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Wild salmon begin their lives in one of the cleanest freshwater in the world - Lake Kuril. Lake is the largest in Eurasia spawning sockeye salmon, is a monument of nature, which is located in the South Kamchatka Federal Reserve, inscribed on the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Eating only natural food, meat, wild salmon has a unique taste, contains the most vital for the human trace.

Wild salmon

The presence in meat fatty acid Omega-3 improves the condition of the arteries, reduces the risk of stroke, gives the body vitality.

With a composition of all essential amino acids eating the meat of wild salmon improves brain function, regulates blood sugar, which is essential for preventing diabetes. Digging wild salmon and of making the products from it on the spot of fishing, thereby avoiding multiple freeze preserving the nutritional value of all useful properties, we guarantee customer high quality products.

Made of wild salmon fishery on the spot The MSC claim


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