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The Company "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD was registered in February, 1997. The company, for short time occupied its place in fishing industry of Ust-Bolsheretsky district. It is symbolical and associated with powerful cross-country vehicle "Vityaz ", not knowing barriers and not receding before the impassability.

On a boundary of centuries the company expanded its facilities, confidently increased its industrial capacities and strengthened the fleet. The new branches were opened in settlements Oktyabrskiy and Sobolevo. In settlement Ozernovsky a trading network of retail shops, the bakery and a hotel complex have appeared. The fleet has renewed with three vessels (RS-150), three helicopters (two Mi-8T and one Mi-2) which have been transferred to avia company "VITYAZ-AERO". In 2010 the airport "Koryakskiy" was built.

The governing body of the company plans to buy three helicopters MI-8 and is going to build an airport "Nikolaevka".

In 2006 a new modern high equipped by last word fish factory was built in settlement Ozernovsky. In 2010 the fillet shop is placed in operation, a new modern fillet making and smoking equipments were. If in 1995 the company had 35-40 workers, in 2010 there are more than 2000 workers in "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD .

The company is registered in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky but its basic economic activities carries out in Ust-Bolsheretsky and Sobolevsky regions. As a multisectoral enterprise "VITYAZ-AVTO" is occupied by following kinds of activity: extraction and processing of salmon, ground breeds of fishes, transport services, retail trade and production of bakery products.

The assortment of products of "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD

The enterprise produces: fish frozen in assortment of all kinds of cutting, a fillet fish frozen in assortment, fish salt-frozen in assortment of all kinds of cutting, fish of cold smoking and fish smoking in assortment of all kinds of cutting, salmons Far East salty, forcemeat fish food frozen, caviar fish frozen, caviar salty Far East salmon fishes, a waste of fish production frozen (milts, a head of salmon fishes), fodder fish flour.

"VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD is the transparent company. At the enterprise tax, auditor checks are regularly spent. Employees are provided by a full social package, according to the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, including free journey to any point of Russia one time in two years.

Charity and sponsor's support hardly probable not daily activity of the company. The basic help appears Ust-Bolsheretsky and to Sobolevsky regions, where the main capacities of "VITYAZ-AVTO" are developed.

Earthquakes and tsunami are not rare on Kamchatka. At the desire of the head of administration of Ust-Bolsheretsk in settlement Ozernovsky the constant semi-annual stock of products on a case of acts of nature and unforeseen situations is created. The flour, sugar, cereals and other foods are delivered by the sea from Vladivostok and are stored in special warehouse. These products are periodically updated.

In 2002 and 2004 the general director of "VITYAZ-AVTO" was awarded with the diploma of the winner of the annual award "Star of the fisherman" — for honest work, the personal initiative and active participation in development of fish branch and peninsula economy by the administration of the Kamchatka.

In 2005-2007 the company has been noted by five gold signs "The All-Russian mark (III millennium). The XXI-st century quality symbol".
The following kinds of production have been awarded:

  • Fish frozen all kinds of cutting;
  • Caviar of Far East salmon fishes salty;
  • Salmons Far East salty;
  • navaga frozen all kinds of cutting;
  • Salmons Far East frozen all kinds of cutting.

In December of 2008 the company has been awarded by a platinum sign "The XXI-st century quality symbol".

In December of 2009 the company has been noted by four gold signs "The All-Russian mark (III millennium). The XXI-st century quality symbol".
The following kinds of production have been awarded:

  • Fish Far East frozen all kinds of cutting,
  • Caviar of Far East salmon fishes salty,
  • Fish salt-frozen all kinds of cutting,
  • Fillet fish frozen

"VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD is the winner of the International fishing exhibition "The Rybprom-Expo 2005-2007" in a nomination "Best samples of fish production". The company has received the diploma for active participation in the exhibition and convincing demonstration of its achievements and the certificate signed by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation A.V.Gordeyev.

In 2004-2005 for the big contribution to business of consolidation of forces of a society to interests of development and prosperity great Russia "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD and its general director have been brought in the all-Russian annual encyclopedia "Best people of Russia" (headings "Reliable business partner" and "Person").
In 2005-2006 for the outstanding contribution to business of revival of high ideals of spirituality and mercy the International welfare fund "Patrons of century" has awarded the company with the Gold document of the patron.

In the list of numerous awards of the company are letters of thanks of Federal agency on physical training and sports of Russia, administration Ust-Bolsheretsky region, command of Northeast regional boundary management of FSB of Russia, Chess Federation of Kamchatka, law enforcement bodies, educational institutions.

In 2007 the fish factory got the right to export frozen fish to China and governments of European Union (the registration number 96). The production of the company is produced on system of its own control on the basis of principles NASSR, GMP, GHP.

"VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD is the participant of an exhibition "Interfish 2010"

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Address: 9B Toporkova st., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Region, 683031
Tel./Fax: +7 (4152) 280-538 (reception),
+7 (4152) 43-1111 (sales),
+7 916-955-1258 (representative office in Moscow)
E-mail: secretar.va@gmail.com

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